Worst Net Connection Provider

The worst telephone and net connection i have ever seen is BSNL.They don provided customer care support and they don provide proper telephone lines either.The only thing they do is just steal money from the users.Bill comes correctly but not the connection.

I have got WLL connection from BSNL Before 2 months.They told me that i don have feasibility for a land line at present as all the connections r being utilized.The WLL is the worst kind of connection that could ever be given to a user.

Connection speed is very less(max is 921.6KBPS).Min is 115.0KBPS.The problem in this is that if the powwer supply fluctuates the net connection wil get cut.The device r the modem wil be operational it wil display Data Cal In Progress.But the system wil indicate a connection failure.

Today i went to the exchange and asked for it.Actually i had a problem in the device.it dint get recognised in my pc.It seems ther is some loose connection in the USB cable.

The officer in the exchange connected my device tohis pc in office infront of me.The device got connected.But the problem is he is not even ready to accept that the loose connection is there in the usb cable.So i am going to go there again and make him check it.U know at i nearly dialed nearly 5 times by the mean time i type this post.

All i am trying to say is SORRY for not updating the SITE.I have this problem for the past 5 days.I couldn even update my resume also i am not able to check mail from my house.I had to go to my friends house.But anyway i won leave that exchange without changing the USB cable if possible the device itself

Different perspective of things: Life is complicated but just make it simple.

A guy in a train was behaving strangly, he was seeing the scenery around and was exclaiming.. This irritated a couple sitting opposite to him.. When it started raining, he began playing with rain-drops, splattering them around...

The couple got annoyed and they shouted at the boy's father and asked him to take his son to a mental hospital... The father calmly replied that his son was returning from a Eye hospital after a successful eye operation & is able to view the world for the 1st time today.. He was born blind & got his eye-sight at the age of 25...

MORAL: You may have different perspective of things but where there is another person, their perspective differ, so try to think even their way., Life is complicated, just make it simple.

Its our way of thinking that counts.So have a clear mind and live life the way we want.

Phenom llI processor: Features

Triple-core Phenom II lineup updated by AMD The Phenom III lineup by AMD was updated by the company on Monday with latest quad-core and its first triple-core Phenom III processors, across the DDR-3 memory transition in the process. Other than this, five new Phenom. Meanwhile, an important and decent upgrade is the quiet shift to AMD's AM3 architecture. Till this time, AMD's Phenom III line has been sold in collaboration with the AM2+ architecture that itself is tied to mainstream DDR-2 memory. More advanced, higher-performance DDR-3 memory is used by the AM3 platform.

David Schwarzbach, a senior marketing manager at AMD reported, “The AM3 differences there are very minor. You can take an AM3-packaged processor; slip it into am AM2+ socket with BIOS upgrade, and in with the vast majority of channel boards, your system will work immediately.”

New Watch With GPS: Tech Info

A new product that would allow parents to track their children online, using a GPS system put into a watch, is being released by electronics company Lok8u.

The watch, which would track children’s movements to within 10 feet of their location, is set to be released early this year, in an attempt to encourage parents to allow their kids more freedom to play without supervision, something that has been happening less and less among increasing fears of child safety.

Gps Watch for ParentsHopefully girls and boys can now be given the freedom to play outside that I enjoyed as a child,’ Steve Salmon, the executive of Lok8u told newspapers. ‘The overriding aim of Nu.M8 is to give children their freedom and parents peace of mind.’
The watch is set to be offered for $227.00, with a monthly fee of around $40.00 a month to use their website, which will include the ability to use systems like Google Earth, as well as a special program that allows the parent to lock in locations that they feel are safe, and alert them when their kids stray from those areas.

The Nu.M8 digital watch will be launched this week in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show.