Merry Christmas

A hearty wishes to all the friends who celebrate christmas.May LORD JESUS shed all his blessings to all the people and let him save this world from all the bad things in this universe.

Windows Media Player 12 Where to download?

The most recent version of windows media player is version12.This new version for your info is not available in ENGLISH itself.It is just available in german and in russian and some other languages.People who r fond of updating it can find it in TORRENTZ download.But be ofcourse sure to update ur antivirus software and then try it out.Because this site is a lot prone to virus.Almost in all cases.So pls be careful.

Sony ericssons gaming mobile: Tech News

Sony Ericsson Rolls Out New Gaming Phone Mobile major Sony Ericssonhas got another reason tobe back in the news. The mobile company, in collaboration with and Microsoft XBOX 360 launched its first gaming handset ‘F305’.Speaking on this, Sony Ericsson General Manager Sudhin Mathur said, “The F305, which has the motion sensor technology, is the first gaming phone from the stable.” The new mobile costs Rs 8,995.

Mathur also pointed out that the company in the coming years would launch more gaming handsets. The company already has its Walkman and Cybershot range for the music and imaging segment.
The company has also decided to launch its download service ‘PlayNow’ in the country.
“PlayNow is our service offering to the end consumers. We will shortly launch (PlayNow) in the first half of the year, we will announce the various initiatives on it like content and downloads" Mathur said.

Apart from this, the company has also decided to observe February 12 as the ‘World Gaming Day’. For this purpose, the company would hold various types of contests and activities. The event will be marketed across various mediums -- TV, radio and online in India.

Among others who were present at the occasion were: Jaspreet Bindra, Regional Director-Enetertainment Devices Division, Microsoft Corporation (India), Bollywood actor Aftab Shivdasani and a selective group of gamers across the world.

Nature- a gods gift to man

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