Hi - Fi speakers and its features

Hi-fi systems are in no danger of being replaced by computers, said the Hamburg-based computer magazine Computebild.

But while the best PC loudspeakers cannot match the sound quality or volume levels of a good stereo system, some computers still offer sounds good enough to liven up computer games or provide background musicwhile working, reports Computerbild magazine

But that’s about all users should expect. After all, a good pair of hi-fi speakers can cost 300 euros (386 dollars).

The magazine tested 12 sets of PC loudspeakers. First place went to the 2.1-System Q 1000 from Hama (89 euros), while second place was shared by the 2.1-System MX-3+ from Wavemaster (48 euros) and the Z10 from Logitech (98 euros). Fourth place went to the 2.1-System Z-2300 (125 euros), also from Logitech.

The magazine advised against buying loudspeakers in the 15-euro range, noting that they often rattle and have insufficient bass

How to Use Google Drive? A new Feature

Google, Gmail, Google Docs….Google has quickly taken over the market for online efficiency and products. But the new Google Drive, or Gdrive as it’s better known, looks as thought it may trump them all, and open the door to a new era in Internet technology.

For the last several years, we have been hearing about the Gdrive, most of us putting it off as a vague idea, or even a rumor. But now information has been received that the Gdrive is coming in 2009,making it one of the most anticipated products of the year, and throwing people into fits, wondering over what it could mean for the computer world.

The Gdrive is more or less online storage, which might not sound that exciting. But what makes it different, is that it will give the user the ability to store the entirety of their hard drive online, with a desktop component that will work via a web-sync to allow you to access your information. It is the first real, viable competition for Windows in a long time, and many are hoping it could lead to a whole new system for the average desktop.  The technology promises for bigger things down the road - like booting your computer from an online drive to load the Google operating system.

There is perhaps one major con in the system, and that is privacy. Google has already had quite a few complaints about their willingness to share customer information, both on their searches, and their email, and putting the entire contents of your hard drive into their storage will likely result in the same.

Privacy issue aside one of the exciting differences about this offering is that Google allegedly plans to offer an unlimited (or nearly unlimited) storage either free of charge or at a small fee. No official launch date has been released.

Why Some people love ADOLF HITLER?

The next most popular being in the world of history among the most Bad fellows is ADOLF HITLER. worlds most cruel being in the history of GERMANY.

He has killed lacs and lacs of people as he disliked the race. More to say he is a sadist. But the best part in him is that he is a good ruler.

Rather to say he is the best ADMINISTRATOR. He was a descendent of Mussolini.
He learned a lot of things from him. just for your info he has killed nearly 6,00,000 people. This is the best record ever so far..

Kabaddi: the game made by Indians.

One of the most interesting and the most Famous game that has ever been played other than cricket and hockey is KABADDI.It is the birth right of every INDIAN to claim that this game belongs to us.We should be very proud to say that KABADDI is the game made by Indians.

KABADDI is the game which has won consecutively 4 GOLD medals in the ASIAN games.It is sooner or later going to be a game of OLYMPICS.For example like HOCKEY world countries would approve the FAME of KABADDI if it is introduced in OLYMPICS.Also it would improve INDIA'S FAME in the world level.

Kabaddi includes keeping up good health and also the strategic performance of our knowledge.It is only in KABADDI that if a person touches or catches the opponent it creates an enthu in the audience.Let us be proud to be an INDIAN in order to find a game which has and will increase the fame of INDIA.